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Grey stone in shape of heart in front of balanced stones on still water background

Heart Meditation to Direct the ADD Brain

As someone diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of having multiple thoughts racing through my mind simultaneously. While some view it simply as difficulty concentrating, ...

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Mysticism of the Heart (1)

The Heart’s Mysticism


Heart-Energy Transmission

Let your heart be illumined by Love in our New Year’s Retreat.  We will receive a direct, Heart-Energy Transmission from the hearts of iamHeart’s founders, Susanna and ...
3d brain and heart representing  emotional intelligence

Prevent Hypocapnia with Heart Rhythm Meditation

Internal and External Respiration Hypocapnia, also called over-breathing and hyperventilation, is a common, chronic condition that causes a wide variety of illnesses by decreasing the ...
Abstract digital sound wave. Vector illustration, Futuristic technology style

Increase Heart Rate Variability with Heart Rhythm Meditation

The Problem of Heart Rhythm Below are two graphs of the heart rate of a person who is not meditating. (Ignore the very beginning and ...
3d illustration human body heart and brain Nervous

Vagal Tone

Vagal Tone is the degree to which the vagus nerve can cause the body to relax. In italics: from Wikipedia.  Additional comments by Puran Bair  “Vagal ...
3Dillustration medical illustration of the heart and lung

Vital Capacity

“Vital Capacity (VC)” is the maximum volume of air that one can exchange in a single breath. “Tidal Volume (TV)” is the amount of air ...
Close-up Of A Doctor's Hand Checking Blood Pressure Of A Patient

Reduced Blood Pressure with  HRM

This graph of the least-squares average of blood pressure readings over an almost two-month period shows a reduction from 141 to 123 in systolic blood ...

Improved Immune Response with Heart Rhythm Meditation

The “Mother Teresa Effect” Seeing a film about Mother Teresa raised S-IgA, immunoglobin A in saliva, a marker of the immune system, in 132 Harvard ...
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