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Prevent Hypocapnia with Heart Rhythm Meditation

Internal and External Respiration Hypocapnia, also called over-breathing and hyperventilation, is a common, chronic condition that causes a wide variety of illnesses by decreasing the oxygen delivered to tissues. It is a symptom of long-term stress and anxiety and is so common that it is seldom diagnosed. Rapid, shallow breathing becomes habitual and can even

Increase Heart Rate Variability with Heart Rhythm Meditation

The Problem of Heart Rhythm Below are two graphs of the heart rate of a person who is not meditating. (Ignore the very beginning and end of the graph when the software is adjusting.) In the following graph the heart rate is shown versus time. Notice four peaks where the heart rate shoots up to

Vagal Tone

Vagal Tone is the degree to which the vagus nerve can cause the body to relax. In italics: from Wikipedia.  Additional comments by Puran Bair  “Vagal tone is an internal biological process referring to the activity of the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve located in the medulla oblongata of the brainstem. The vagus nerve serves

Vital Capacity

“Vital Capacity (VC)” is the maximum volume of air that one can exchange in a single breath. “Tidal Volume (TV)” is the amount of air that one breathes unconsciously. In adults, Vital Capacity varies between 2.5 and 5 liters, increasing with height, decreasing with advanced age, and increasing with pulmonary health and overall fitness.  Low

Reduced Blood Pressure with  HRM

This graph of the least-squares average of blood pressure readings over an almost two-month period shows a reduction from 141 to 123 in systolic blood pressure of one student in the University of the Heart, Class of 2012, who practiced Heart Rhythm Meditation daily.  Slowing the breathing rate has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

Improved Immune Response with Heart Rhythm Meditation

The “Mother Teresa Effect” Seeing a film about Mother Teresa raised S-IgA, immunoglobin A in saliva, a marker of the immune system, in 132 Harvard students. She was walking; she was not speaking in English. (Study by Dr. David McClelland of Harvard University) This is the effect of being moved in one’s heart. Heart Rhythm

Hemagglutination: A Symptom of Stress

Dr. Alexander Angelov, MD, of Swampscott, MA, in his office, with Susanna Bair, President of iamHeart. Using a high-resolution photo-microscope attached to a digital video camera and computer, Dr. Angelov is able to examine the clumping of red blood cells, an indication of stress.Red blood cells normally repel each other because the membrane of each cell

The Man and the Method behind a Surprising Meditation Study

“A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel has shown that while the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second, someone who meditates on their heart center and sends love and light to others emits an amazing 100,000 photons per second. That is

 Healing the Physical Heart

By Pam Hale Trachta Since many of my life’s challenges have manifested in my body, I’ve spent my adult life exploring all the ways healing can take its place in us. I’ve studied and taught shamanic energy healing and other modalities, including years of Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM.) One opportunity to apply healing technologies has

The Caregiver Journey with HRM

Healthcare professionals face numerous challenges in their demanding roles, leading to increased rates of burnout and decreased well-being. Dr. Logan T Murry explores the experiences of healthcare workers who practice Heart Rhythm Meditation as a self-care activity. The study highlights the positive aspects of HRM, including personal and professional growth. Healthcare workers who practiced HRM

Stronger Relationships Through Kindness and Boundaries

Heart Rhythm Meditation offers a powerful pathway to fostering deeper, more authentic relationships. In this discussion, we will explore 5 ways Heart Rhythm Meditation  can positively impact our connections with others. Developing Emotional Awareness:  Heart Rhythm Meditation begins with focusing our attention on the heart, tuning into its rhythm. This practice cultivates emotional awareness, allowing

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