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Breath & Heart Video Course

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn the fundamentals of Heart Rhythm Meditation.

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Module 1: Observe Your Breath
Welcome to Breath and Heart! People are drawn to meditation for different reasons. Maybe you have a health issue that you're trying to resolve, maybe you're a long-time spiritual seeker trying to develop a daily meditation practice, maybe you're overwhelmed with managing your life, or maybe you're curious because everybody's talking about how amazing meditation is. Whatever your reason, this course has something to offer you. This is a self-guided training in Heart Rhythm Meditation. It is meant to be an introduction, a simple exploration of our techniques that you can use according to your needs and what you're ready for in your life right now. It is an invitation to discover yourself in a new way. It's a toolbox of useful habits and skills that can help your life to function more smoothly. It is a playful study in embodiment, breath, heartbeat, and consciousness.

Module 2: Balancing Your Breath
The module will focus on balancing the length of your inhale and your exhale, and work towards making the breath rhythmic & balanced.

Module 3: Find Your Center
The module will focus on bringing awareness to your heart by placing a hand on your chest. This simple, sacred gesture brings grounding, tenderness, and feeling in to your practice.

Module 4: Posture
In this module, you'll develop your posture and practice sitting up straight in a chair with your hands on your legs. The Pharaoh Posture brings power, self-discipline, breath capacity, and energetic flow to your practice.

Module 5: Full Breath
The module will focus on activating your full breath. The full breath infuses your body with energy for great inner and outer work in your life.

Module 6: Heart Rhythm Meditation
This module is the heart of Heart Rhythm Meditation -- counting the pulse in coordination with the breath. This synchronization of breath and heartbeat is what integrates the work of the full, conscious, upright breath and makes it not only rhythmic, but personally rhythmic according to your body and your inner wisdom.

Module 7: The Depth of Breath and Heart
The goal of this last module is to get a glimpse of what a sustained meditation practice can become. Let this module offer you a deeper experience of Heart Rhythm Meditation.

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