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Speaking from the Heart

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Speaking involves (1) the sound of your voice, (2) the words you choose and (3) how you aim the speech at your audience.  All of these things can be easily distinguished whether coming from the mind or heart.

The aim of a mental speech is to be clear and logical so as to communicate your understanding.  The heart’s speech is aimed at touching the heart of the listener to transmit your feeling and experience.

Many speakers say too much, with too many words,  too far from the point.  The audience gets restless and impatient.  From the heart, one word has the power of ten.

If you reach your listener’s mind, you will stimulate him/her to argue.  If you penetrate your listener’s heart, there will be no resistance; the person will accept your idea as their own.

When speaking from the mind, you have to surround the content with layers of interpretation and explanation to try to fit into the listener’s mental framework.  When speaking from the heart, those layers are unnecessary as you communicate directly in plain language to a deeper level of the listener.

Speaking from the mind, you analyze a topic by breaking it into parts.  From the heart, you synthesize the contrasting aspects of a topic into a whole vision.  

From the mind, you speak about what you know; from the heart, you speak about what you are.

The sound of the voice from the mind might be clear, but it is often tense, constricted, thin, monotonous and unpleasant to listen to.  The sound of one’s voice is beautiful and compelling when the heart is harmonious.  

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1 year ago
Beautiful meditation, very moving
1 year ago
Time spent with Pusan and Susanna is always time well spent.
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