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Why You Should Learn Heart Rhythm Meditation

By Puran Bair Categories: Puran Bair
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For your health

Reduce your stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure

Increase your stress resilience, vagal tone and HRV

Gain profound relaxation and induce sleep consciously

Increase circulation and blood flow to your heart.

Increase your Vital Capacity (breath volume) and available energy, and reduce anemia.

Exercise and strengthen your nervous system by increased CNA

Strengthen your immune system by focus on the thymus gland

For your Accomplishments

Develop concentration power to outperform the attention-deficit of others.

Feel your heart’s radiant light powering your confidence and courage 

Align your ideals and life’s purpose with the work that sustains you

Expand your self-confidence, magnetism and influence

Speak from your heart for optimum connection to your audience

Sense the mood of clients through your heart’s extrasensory perception

For your relationships

expand your emotional capacity for love and rejection

With sincerity and vulnerability, go beyond compassion to offer empathy

Understand others through resonance, to feel their heart as your own

Develop the generosity of a “big hearted” person of great influence

Know your deep emotions to make your words and actions authentic

Make useable the energy currently locked in your traumas

Replace obsessive thoughts with deeply motivating affirmations

For your Whole-Self Integration

Bring your body, mind and emotions into a cooperative alliance

Consciously navigate the steps of the human journey 

Gain a vision of the person you were meant to be, and are becoming

Know and operate your energetic aspect: your “spirit.”

Experience the continuity of your self beyond life.

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