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Energize Your Heart

In Energize Your Heart, Puran and Susanna Bair describe a powerful, authentic method for giving your heart the energy to heal your heart’s wounds, recognize the greatness within yourself and others, and become who you truly are. The authors show how energy in the four dimensions of the heart develop qualities such as…

  • tolerance and cooperation (width),
  • integrity and compassion, idealism and courage (depth and height),
  • initiative and purposeful drive (forward), and
  • peace and the ability to embrace change (inner).

This book gives you a powerful, three-part method for producing in yourself the change you desire. This method is:

  1. Recognition of the “Four Dimensions of the Heart” in yourself and others to reveal the splendor of what is emerging within you.
  2. Heart Rhythm Meditation, a simple yet profound method to coordinate the basic rhythms of your body and bring you into a state of radiant peace, and
  3. Application of the heart in challenging situations of health, relationships, and accomplishments, through the Exercises for Life.

If you loved books like The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Power of Intention, and The Power of Now, you’ll love this book, for you’ve learned that the intention in your mind and the feeling in your heart creates your life. Energize Your Heart will help you create the destiny that is your deepest desire. Thinking positive is just the beginning!


Contents of “Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions”


  • Puran’s story of how his father’s heart opened after Puran’s mother died, how his father has softened and changed as he faces life alone, and what this shows about the development of his heart …… Pages 1-2
  • The importance of making your breath conscious, rhythmic, balanced and full, and how the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation does all this, optimizing your breathing …… Pages 3-4
  • Susanna’s story about how the mental illness of one of her sisters sent her into the study of psychology, and how that study has shaped her understanding of the role of meditation and spiritual practice …… Pages 5-6
  • How Heart Rhythm Meditation goes beyond therapy’s traditional goal of alleviating dysfunction to discover and bring out the inner greatness of your being …… Page 6
  • The nature of the heart as a physical structure, the emotional faculty, the center of your energetic system, and the core of your inner self, which connects you to the Infinite …… Pages 6-7
  • The importance of breath for moving, using, and transforming energy …… Page 8
  • What are the three parts of energizing your heart: recognition, meditation, and application, and how these three parts add up to a powerful, practical method of inner transformation …… Pages 8-9
  • What happens when you energize your heart …… Pages 9-10
  • How energizing your heart helps you find purpose …… Page 10
  • How energizing your heart connects you to the One Being …… Page 10
  • Why Heart Rhythm Meditation is a safe and effective method …… Page 11

Chapter 1: The Heart

  • The astonishing nature of your heart and why our culture has missed a great deal of the heart’s true nature by considering it merely a pump …… Pages 17-18
  • Why your heart is your true treasure …… Page 19
  • Why people try to protect their hearts, and how this hides the heart’s power …… Page 19
  • How your heart is wounded, and how it can be quickly healed …… Page 20
  • The nature of your heart as a container that holds love …… Pages 20-21
  • The locations of physical structures in your body and how they relate to the energy of your heart …… Pages 21-22
  • Some of the incredible effects of giving your attention and energy to your heart …… Pages 22-23
  • The amazing entrainment of heartbeat and breath, and a new discovery about Heart Rate Variability …… Pages 24-25
  • How your heart operates as an energetic transmitter, broadcasting your state to all other hearts …… Pages 26-27
  • The importance of the heart in the body’s energetic system, and the relationship between hands and heart …… Pages 27-28
  • The biomagnetism of the heart, and the incredible finding that the energetic heart center can actually generate physical light …… Pages 29-31
  • The energetic balance of energy in the heart, how it affects the brain, and how to control it …… Pages 32-33
  • What is the relationship between your heart and your soul, and how your heart was formed …… Pages 33-34
  • How to use the relationship between your heart and your mind to calm your thoughts, bringing peace, and how to create integrity between heart and mind …… Pages 35-36
  • How our culture encourages us to follow our hearts …… Pages 39-40
  • How our culture discourages us from following our hearts …… Pages 40-41
  • The six things that happen when you energize your heart …… Page 42

Chapter 2: A model of the Heart

  • Why a model of the heart is so helpful for energizing your heart …… Page 45
  • What your heart looks like energetically …… Page 46
  • The surprising meaning of the microcosmic nature of the heart …… Page 46
  • The spatial and non-spatial dimensions of the heart …… Pages 48-49
  • What happens when the horizontal dimension of your heart is strong, what challenges you face, and how this dimension can get distorted …… Pages 50-53
  • The vertical dimension of your heart: the depth of the heart, and what happens when the depth of your heart is strong, what challenges you face, and how this part of the vertical dimension can get distorted …… Pages 53-58
  • More on the vertical dimension of your heart: the height of the heart, and what happens when the height of your heart is strong, what challenges you face, and how this part of the vertical dimension can get distorted …… Pages 59-62
  • The forward dimension of your heart, and what happens when your driving heart is strong, what challenges you face, and how this dimension can get distorted and blocked …… Pages 63-67
  • The inner dimension of your heart: what happens when the inner dimension is strong, what challenges you face, and how the inner dimension can get distorted …… Pages 67-70
  • How the dimensions of the heart show up in businesses and organizations that we don’t normally think of as having hearts, but how it gives you surprising insight into an organization by feeling the dimensions of the heart within it …… Pages 72-78

Chapter 3: Working with the Heart’s Dimensions

Chapter 4: Stretching the Heart

Chapter 5: Reaching the Depth of the Heart

Chapter 6: Raising the Height of the Heart

Chapter 7: Extending the Heart Forward

Chapter 8: Expanding the Inner Heart

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Appendix 1: The Exercises for Life

Appendix 2: The Teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan

Appendix 3: The Institute for Applied Meditation



Energize Your Heart









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